In our many years of travel visiting shops across the country, we've met dozens of bike shop dogs (as well as cats, rabbits, and one rather foul-mouthed parrot!).

Some were put to work as store greeters. Some followed us around the store the whole time. Others slept the whole time and never knew we were there.

What an amazing job perk it is to bring your dog to work! We thought we'd have some fun and hold a little contest to give some much needed attention to our furry coworkers!

Shop Dog Submissions will be collected over the next few months. And the top Doggos will be enshrined in our Official Shop Dog Calendar.

And best of all it's for a good cause...the contest benefits the amazing work done by the folks at Pets for Vets. 

There is no fee at all to participate. And all dogs are winners!

CABDA has gone to the dogs!

Pets For Vets

Learn more about the terrific work of our amazing friends at Pets for Vets!

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